Empowering Birth Doula Services

Rebekah Orr is the owner of Empowering Birth Doula Services and is passionate about supporting all types of birthing people. Her passion about doula work lies in her belief that a support system is crucial to the health and wellness of families. She feels that a doula's role as a support person is irreplaceable for the birthing person and partner and is grateful that she gets to be apart of the miracle of birth.

Empowering Birth Doula Services feel that one of the most important things a doula does is help the family understand their options and empower them to make informed choices for the birth that they want. They offer doula services that include prenatal appointments, on-call availability, presence during labor and delivery, and a postpartum session.

With COVID-19 restrictions, Empowering Birth Doula Services is currently offering:

  • Virtual prenatal doula sessions
  • Virtual support during labor
  • In-person support available if home birth or hospital allows a doula present

"Your Virtual Doula" packages can be found by clicking here

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