Our city has withstood a beating over the past year:

  • The Oregon District mass shootings
  • The Memorial Day tornadoes
  • A hate group coming to spew their nonsense

Things have been rough for the Gem City. Now we have COVID-19 to deal with. Our government, healthcare professionals, and leaders in our communities have been doing a fantastic job of being progressive in attempts to limit the impact. Even still, we are all going to feel the strain of this global pandemic.

Shortly after the announcement that the NCAA tournament would not host spectators followed by the First Four and the NCAA tournament as a whole being cancelled, my first thoughts were for the locally owned businesses in the Greater Dayton area that would suffer greatly as a result of the lost revenue. Now with almost daily announcements of state mandated closures and the threat of more stringent measures on the horizon, I and many others worry about the ability of our favorite local establishments to weather another storm.

As families stock up on toilet paper and shelf-sustainable goods and prepare to hunker down in their homes like bunkers, our local business owners need us. Most have little to no revenue coming in and there’s no real end in sight. So what do we do? How can we ensure the Dayton institutions make it through this tough time? The short answer is they need our money and our support. With limited or no operating hours and service options, donating, purchasing gift cards/certificates, and making use of remaining services are the best ways you can help.

Enter Support Dayton. Here you will find a list of Dayton owned and operated businesses along with information on still available services and links to donate or purchase gift cards/certificates with these individual businesses. We will also have information compiled with links to resources in the Greater Dayton area and how we, as individuals, can help others.

Everyone is struggling right now.
Times are difficult.
Together we can persevere because together we are stronger.